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Welcome to the London Neurosurgery Partnership

The London Neurosurgery Partnership is a group of twelve spinal and cranial neurosurgeons working together to deliver an unparalleled level of spinal and neurosurgical care. With the consultant group working in such close collaboration, patients can depend on the London Neurosurgery Partnership to provide top quality care at all times by a consultant familiar with their treatment plan.

Each consultant is recognised as a super-specialist in their given area of expertise. The London Neurosurgery Partnership ensures patients are matched with the consultant best placed to deliver state of the art care. The group lead multidisciplinary team meetings bringing together top specialists from a variety of disciplines to offer patients treatment of the highest standard, delivered in the best way for the individual patient. 

Health Fact vs Fiction - Put your back into it 

Mr Christopher Chandler talks about the cause of back pain and how to manage pain, as part of the Health Fact vs Fiction podcast series.

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State-of-the-art intraoperative MRI for neurosurgery

As part of HCA Healthcare UK’s continued investment in the latest medical technology, The Wellington Hospital’s Neurosurgery Centre is now equipped with an intraoperative magnetic resonance imaging (iMRI) scanner and fully integrated digital theatre.

The iMRI scanner allows surgeons to carry out an intraoperative MRI scan of their patient’s brain during their surgery. This gives the surgeon confidence that they have achieved their treatment goal. It also provides our patients with the best possible chance of tumours being removed fully without the need for further surgery.


A glimpse into the future of patient care

We are committed to end-to-end, personalised care for our patients using cutting-edge neurosurgical interventions. Professor Keyoumars Ashkan, consultant neurosurgeon at HCA Healthcare UK, discusses innovations in neuroscience for cancer and tumour treatment in this blog, including trials for a ground-breaking vaccine and his expertise in Visualase™, a minimally invasive keyhole procedure.

Groundbreaking brain tumour treatment

Mr Bhangoo and Professor Ashkan, both part of London Neurosurgery Partnership at The Harley Street Clinic, discuss how the Visualase® system can be used to treat brain tumours. Visualase® is minimally invasive and so there is reduced risk of infection to the patient as well as faster recovery times. Additionally, depending on the location of the tumour, it is often possible to perform the operation without shaving the patient's head.


This pioneering technique has also proved very successful as a treatment for epilepsy. The same laser-guided process is used to ablate (remove with heat energy) brain tissue mutations which cause epileptic seizures, providing epileptic patients with a far more immediate, alternative treatment option to traditional medication and surgery. 

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Nuclear medicine

Nuclear medicine is a scanning technique used to create detailed pictures of how your bones, organs or tissues are functioning
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Understanding brain function and behaviour. Our neuropsychologists examine how neurological disorders and brain injuries can change behaviour or influence emotional responses.

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Neurogastroenterology is the medical discipline that specialises in diagnosing and treating abnormalities in gut neuromuscular function and brain-gut interactions.

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Pain management

Care for acute and chronic pain. Our pain management experts offer care and treatment for everything from post-operative discomfort to migraines, joint pain, sciatica and more.

How to book an appointment

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Our team can help if you have any questions or would like to book an appointment. Our reception team are also on-hand if you'd like to make an appointment whilst your at the centre. 
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Adolescent services

Medical care for children of all ages

We offer young people access to holistic care from an experienced multidisciplinary team.

The comprehensive care for adolescents within our medical centre is based on respect within a safe environment, and is personalised for any condition.

Our range of services include dermatology, gynaecology, sports and exercise injuries.

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Women's health

Self-Referral Mammogram service​

Our self-referral mammogram service allows those who are eligible to book their own mammograms. Helping to give them the peace of mind that this can bring without a lengthy wait for a referral or invitation for a breast screening at 50 years old.

Eligibility criteria:


  • 40 years of age and over
  • Have not had a mammogram within the last 12 months
  • Non-symptomatic (symptomatic patients need a GP referral)
  • Results are often received within one working day of the screening
  • Appointments are available Monday to Friday.

    Please note that if you are using private medical insurance, your insurer may ask for a referral from your GP.

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    How we work with doctors

    Meet our team

    Our medical centre is supported by the expertise of leading consultants and multidisciplinary teams. Our teams are able to identify and diagnose complex conditions quickly and with accuracy.